Feb 13, 2024

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ONiO & Cadence unplug the future

In a world where the most adventurous journey many of us take is the perilous trek from the bed to the coffee maker, ONiO, alongside Cadence, has embarked on a quest that's slightly more ambitious: reimagining the IoT universe, sans batteries. You heard that right—batteries are about as necessary to this story as a fish needs a bicycle.

In a daring move that might just redefine the tech scene, ONiO decided to skip the conventional battery-operated parade and dive straight into harvesting energy from just about everywhere you wouldn't expect. Meet ONiO.zero: a microcontroller that doesn't just operate on energy; it practically inhales it from the world around us—be it the lazy sunlight basking on your windowsill, the subtle shifts in temperature that whisper through the seasons, or the invisible airwaves that carry the tunes of your life. With ONiO.zero, it's not about uncovering hidden power sources; it's about tapping into the abundant, the everyday, the overlooked, and turning it into something extraordinary.

Then there’s Cadence, stepping into the collaboration with sophistication and an array of tools that redefine technological development. Their expertise and state-of-the-art design resources have been crucial in transforming ONiO's innovative concept into a tangible reality. With Cadence's involvement, ONiO.zero is no longer just an ambitious idea but a practical solution that stands to change how devices are powered—moving us away from reliance on traditional batteries to a sustainable, energy-harvesting future.

What makes ONiO.zero the belle of the ball isn't just its disdain for batteries. It's the promise of a world where tech isn't just smart; it's considerate. We're talking smart cities with a green thumb, healthcare gadgets that keep ticking without a battery change, and agricultural tools that know the weather better than your local meteorologist. ONiO and Cadence aren't just creating gadgets; they're crafting the backdrop for a future where technology blends seamlessly into our eco-conscious narratives.

This partnership isn't your run-of-the-mill corporate handshake. It's a testament to what happens when innovation meets an unwavering commitment to not just doing things differently but doing them better. With Cadence's wizardry and ONiO's vision, we're not just watching the future unfold; we're plugging directly into it, battery-free.

And for those of us following along at home, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this saga, Cadence have prepared a little visual treat—a video that captures not just the essence of our collaboration but the spirit of innovation that propels us forward. 

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Runar Finanger


Runar, the co-founder and CMO of ONiO, adeptly connects product innovation to customer desires. Championing brand-building, he heightens consumer awareness and consistently propels brand preference through diverse channels.

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