A peaen to power.
An end to the battery.

The world's first general-purpose wireless microcontroller that requires no batteries.

The future is batteryless

No battery
No waste

A sustainable future means even the smallest tech needs to be batteryless.

One chip - many possibilities

Smart Textiles

Your smart clothing designs stay truly yours - No unwieldy flaps, hatches or pockets.

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Batteries make designs bigger and bulkier. What you want is a power solution that makes itself scarce. just tucks itself into your design and simply doesn’t make a fuss.

It’s compact and well-mannered. Just set it up and forget about it.



Smaller BOM
Bigger Profits

Instead of playing with pennies - we turned to the dollar. We integrated radio, mcu, memories and PMIC in a single package.

Fits Every Nook.
Fits Every Cranny

Squeezes into walls, bottles, textiles, you name it! Wherever your imagination goes, it fits right in.

Flexibility without compromise

Unleash your audacity - Your designs done your way. Fits any solution, no compromise needed.

Smaller Bill of Material

Save more than 80% on your BOM

Instead of playing with pennies - we turned to the dollar. We integrated radio, MCU, memories, and PMIC in a single package. For most applications that lead to one or two ICs less than the competition plus all the saved external components.

A typical competing solution would save on average a few external passive components
which cost 7 cents.

Assuming 5 components for a typical design of 100.000 units, you save $35.000. Now consider the average cost of over $2 for an energy harvesting PMIC for RF or PV. For 100.000 units, that is $200.000. includes both RF and PV, and needs almost no external components. You can save over 80% compared to off-the-shelf PMIC energy harvesting solutions.

100% Self Powered

Magic runs in the family

When you chip away at a solution until it can’t get any simpler - Zero frills, Zero flab — what you’re left with seems like it’s all but magic. It’s not — it’s just sheer engineering excellence.

True Scandivanian design is where real world functionality meets elegant minimalism. That’s what we’re all about. is 100% self-powered. It uses RF energy harvesting technology to draw power from its surroundings. No batteries whatsoever. 100% off the grid. We’re proud to present to you, the era of batteryless IoT.

Technology Redefined

We’re ready
to play ball

We’re excited to collaborate with you on your exciting concepts - crafting them into futuristic products with a touch of magic.

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