A miniaturised
green power

ONiO.zero is a tiny wireless microcontroller that is designed to replace the battery in the devices around you. ONiO.zero is one small step into the promising world of self-powered sensing, heralding a greener future. Think of it this way - ONiO.zero is a micro-powerplant that sits unobtrusively in your device, powering it for life!

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Energy Harvesting

Grafted on a tiny piece of silicon, you have electrical circuitry to accumulate even the smallest amounts of energy. This nano sized power house enables you to execute programs, connect to external sensors, and communicate wirelessly.

Ambient Energy

A goldmine waiting to be tapped. ONiO.zero is a milestone in utilising renewable energy to power microelectronics - a future where RF, solar and thermoelectric energy is harnessed and put to work for us!

Key Features

More with batteryless


RISC-V 16/32-bit architecture (RV32EMC). High code density with compressed instructions. 3.3V 32MHz, 1.0V 6MHz, 0.8V 1MHz. 450-800mV Asynchronous operation from ROM/RAM.


Crystal-less BTLE transmitter. Programmable output power (-40 to 0dBm). PA supports operation down to 850mV - 0dBm.


Industry Standard I2C, SPI and UART. Asynchronous AES module for encryption/hash generation. GPIO with asynchronous interrupt/wake up. Programmable current source. Biasing external sensors.


1KB of mask ROM (stdlib, math etc). 2KB RAM. 8/16/32KB ULP Flash. 100k Writes. Read supported down to 850mV.

Energy source

Internal RF Rectifier: Multi frequency 800/900/1800/ 1900/2400MHz bands (ISM and GSM) supported. Internal Power Factory: Voltaic cells down to 400mV (DC) Solar, piezoelectric and thermal (1.8V to 3.6V)

Operation conditions

Operating voltage: 450mV - 3.3V. Operating frequency: Asynchronous to 32MHz. Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C (Industrial grade). ESD protection HBM > 2kV; latchup > 100mA.


One Chip Many Benefits

Not only do you get better performance, more flexibility and substantial usability gains - It’s also way easier on your pocket.

Small Chip.
Smaller BOM.

Instead of playing with pennies - we turned to the dollar. We integrated radio, mcu, memories and PMIC in a single package.

Zero battery.
Zero maintenance.

Slashes number of service requests. Essentially, zero maintenance required. Now that’s something your customer wants to hear.


IoT liberated from the battery. There’s just no telling how far IoT can go when you break the chains of the battery.

Smaller Bill of Material

Save more than 80% on your BOM

Instead of playing with pennies - we turned to the dollar. We integrated radio, MCU, memories, and PMIC in a single package. For most applications that lead to one or two ICs less than the competition plus all the saved external components.

A typical competing solution would save on average a few external passive components
which cost 7 cents.

Assuming 5 components for a typical design of 100.000 units, you save $35.000. Now consider the average cost of over $2 for an energy harvesting PMIC for RF or PV. For 100.000 units, that is $200.000.

ONiO.zero includes both RF and PV, and needs almost no external components. You can save over 80% compared to off-the-shelf PMIC energy harvesting solutions.

Environmental Benefits

The planet says Thank you!

Batteries are bad for the planet - period. There’s no two ways about it.

They destroy habitats, pollute our waters and decimate the health of entire communities!

Energy harvesting and self-powered sensing have got to be the way forward for the Internet of Things.

Material Savings (Kilo Tons)

Based on expected number of IoT devices in 2035

Scarce Supply

Demand for Cobalt will outstrip supply by the year 2030 - Cobalt is an essential component in the batteries that power our modern day consumer electronics. A move to energy harvesting will reduce our dependence on non-renewable minerals such as LIthium, Cobalt, Manganese etc.


There’s a massive humanitarian cost to every single battery that we use and throw - Lithium and Cobalt mining leave thousands of children sick for life and devastates entire communities in South America and Africa. Progress simply can’t be this loopsided and cruel.



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