A welcome breakthrough that transforms how you care for your family.

ONiO enables informed
health decisions, every day.

Providing simple, secure access to an advanced understanding of health.
Your family’s health info, at your fingertips.
ONiO makes it easy to review and evaluate your fever curve, which shows how a fever rises and falls over time. Having this useful knowledge in your hands is an important breakthrough that empowers you to provide better care and evaluate treatment.
Your family’s health info, at your fingertips.

The app securely collects your health data and relevant environmental information, allowing you to see patterns, compare illnesses, and be more informed about your home and health. And data is always encrypted, ensuring your information stays yours.

Have more informed conversations with healthcare providers.

Quick access to your detailed health info helps you inside and outside the home. On our site and in the app, you’ll be able to follow ONiO professionals or specific topics. Plus you’ll always have your data on hand to share with healthcare providers or family and friends to get a second opinion

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