Introducing our batteryless Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) - the pinnacle of retail tech innovation. Engineered for smooth operations and ease of use, our ESLs eliminate the fuss of battery replacements - a seamless solution that's all about performance and efficiency. Zero batteries. Zero hassles.

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Batteryless ESLs


At the core of our labels is our wiz-chip; - a microcontroller so efficient, it literally powers itself from ambient energy. No batteries whatsoever. Just sustainable, durable tech that you can rely on for years!

Works without a snag even on the lowest of shelves in low-light conditions. Totally eliminates the pain of battery replacements. Reduces BOM cost. Makes your design sleeker and lighter. What’s not to like?


Goodbye Battery Blues

Batteries are simply not sustainable. With ambient energy, your products can have continuous, seamless operation. No toxic waste. No replacements. No failures. Our labels are 100% self powered, saving you a bunch of time and money while your customer gets an experience that actually belongs in the 21st century.

The budget friendly choice

Lower Bill of Material (BOM) and freedom from expensive battery replacements - it's akin to a windfall saving, except it's consistent and predictable!

Batteryless operation

Bid farewell to battery failures and limited lifetime. These labels just keep going forever. And the best part? They're as eco-friendly as it gets!.

Immersive customer experience

Provide your customers with a seamless, frictionless in-store experience with real-time pricing inventory updates and low light functionality.


Full warehouse coverage

We set out to do nothing less than rewrite the rules of retail tech. Our batteryless ESLs are just the tip of the iceberg - we also offer an all-inclusive IoT gateway solution that covers your entire warehouse and allows for seamless integration with your retail operations. By embracing ambient energy harvesting, we simply take battery life out of the equation. This way, your customer is treated to a more robust and sustainable product and the brownie points are all yours!


Our batteryless ESL is a hassle-free solution, ready to be integrated into your product line., the world's lowest power microcontroller which runs solely on ambient energy, can become the backbone of your label. As a pioneer in batteryless technology, our ESL is a reliable and sustainable choice for your retail operations.

Custom Gateway

Our bespoke gateways bolster IoT integration within your setup, ensuring comprehensive warehouse coverage for seamless operations.

Ambient Energy

Our ESLs run solely on ambient energy - solar and radio waves. This ground-breaking technology allows for limitless operation without the need for battery replacements.

Improved Sustainability

Batteryless ESLs don't produce waste in the form of spent batteries, making them a greener and a more sustainable choice for your business.

Versatile Positioning

Our ESLs are designed to thrive, even on the lowest of shelves. They work efficiently across all conditions and locations within your store, even those traditionally challenging low-light areas.

Increased Reliability

Because ONiO's ESLs are batteryless, they're less likely to experience unexpected failures increasing the overall system reliability.

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