We help you take control of your health info and find new ways to care for your family.
As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, we’re used to having more control, connection and capabilities. At ONiO, we want to empower you to have more knowledge and fewer worries. Changing the way you take care of yourself and your family, and understand more about your situation when you need it most: during illness.

By making your health info more accessible and easier to interpret, ONiO is designed to reduce the barrier between people and technology. With ONiO in your home, you can be more confident about health and spend more time focusing on everything else going on in your life.
Perhaps you’ve never heard of Continuous Temperature. But soon it will change the way you care for your family.

Temperature curves and constant measurement of fever is not a recent phenomenon. It’s ancient medical knowledge that dates back thousands of years, across many different cultures. It’s not common today because measuring continuous temperature over time has been a labour intensive, expensive, and uncomfortable process. This combination of factors has led to the disappearance of fever curves in modern medical care. But this disappearance has to do with practicality, not value.

Only now have we developed the technology to allow everyone to access Continuous Temperature in an affordable, reliable way,
making access to Continuous Temperature easy, universal and uninvasive, And once your family has simple, immediate access to Continuous Temperature, it will be a game changer in how you care for your loved ones.

With a smart adhesive, hub and app working together, ONiO measures continuous temperature of a fever, incorporates affects from environmental conditions, and creates patterns that can be used to identify the nature of the illness, from serious infections and diseases such as meningitis, malaria and pneumonia to common less dangerous illnesses, distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections.

When consulting medical advice online or visiting your doctor, knowing your fever patterns can be invaluable information used to treat illness and learn more about your unique condition.
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